Carlton Big Band

The 10-15 piece Carlton Big Band is an impressive array of musicians with a line up of 4/5 saxes in four part close harmony, and two to four trumpets, with two trombones, piano, bass and drums.

The Big Band charts include music from the Big Bands of Count Basie, Ellington, and Glenn Miller and various other styles to suit most tastes, including jazz, swing, classic pop and Rat-Pack. The smooth Sinatra style vocals of Michael Lawrence and Bandleader Elaine Davies on vocals, add another dimension to the band.

Carlton Swing Band

The 6-8 piece Carlton Swing Band is a smaller version of the big band, for smaller venues, and is comprised of 1 to 2 sax/vocals, 1 to 2 trumpets, trombone, piano, bass and drums. Jazz, swing, latin, classic pop and Rat-Pack styles are played. Our Ratpack singer Michael Lawrence can be added to the package for Rat-Pack events and weddings.

Elaine Davies Quartet / Quintet

The 4/5 piece Elaine Davies Quartet produces a sophisticated blend of easy listening mainstream, jazz standards, with Elaine Davies on flute/sax/vocals, and piano/guitar, bass and drums, provided by the trio that also play in the Big Band.  A Trombonist or trumpeter is added for the quintet.

Elaine Davies Trio

The Elaine Davies Trio is made up of Elaine doubling on sax/flute /vocals, and normally Tony Littlewood on keyboard and Bob Marks on bass or Judy Whitlock (pictured), who doubles on vocals and double bass. This smaller band plays the same repertoire as the quartet with 2 instead of three rhythm.

Elaine Davies Solo Sax

For smaller venues and budgets, Elaine plays sax/flute with backing tracks in most styles, from jazz to classical, and the programme can be tailor made to suit the hirer’s requirements, as with all the bands.

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Listen to the band

Little Brown Jug
There’ll Never Be Another You


Come Fly With Me

(Andy Young Vocals)